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Ok ladies and gentlemen. I have found our work around on the 5th generation trucks to change our parameters on our TPMS and tire size easily. I went to a 35 inch tire and couldn't stand the thought of keeping my nice 35 inch tires at 65psi, especially since I spend large amounts of time on the beach.
At the direction of my service tech, I needed to tap into the bus bars to change the parameters and bypass the security functions. Even for the dealer the truck would kick the computer out when the parameters were attempted at a change.
Per the direction I received, and research I found the KAodTech Harness Bypass. The instructions were kind of sparse and mostly easy to understand. I had one problem trying to figure out what was what now I feel dumb for it being so simple. There is nothing to unplug on these things to make it work, just simply plug and play. Per the email that KAodTech sent me after I requested help, you plug their bypass harness into any open 2 pin ports on each side. One leg of the harness is labeled white/green, and the other leg labeled black/green. The wires go the corresponding block in the CAN Bus bars. The bypass can be made to be either permanent install by removing the OBD Port from your dash and plugging it into the female OBD portion of the harness, then using the new OBD port as the standard plug, or you can make it part time by leaving the stock OBD port in place and plugging in the harness around the dash then removing it once its done its job. (you will want to remove before going to the dealer unless you are good with your service crew) Another note about removing the harness is you will need a size 00 flat head screw driver to trip the locks on the Bus plugs to remove the harness.
Next, upon getting the harness plugged in, you will need a code reader such as the OBDLink MX+ or the FIXD reader, then link that to your phone and access it with a AlfaOBD.
The steps we followed were
a) Select the computer access, body, ecm, etc. We accessed the BCM
b) Select the module set - this being TPMS (however many other options exist)
c) Select the parameter and value
d) Restart the truck to ensure it took.
I hope this helps yall with your trucks. It was a 10 minute job to install the harness (more time getting the trim off and on) and another 5 programming.
I have attached the picture of the blocks on my truck, some different angles to see easily and a stock picture from their website.



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