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Oh man ...

I used to worry about this. Compared to say, a 95 DOHC, or
a well used 2.2 Turbo II, my 2001 ACR (Magnum motor) sounds
like death at start up.

The longer it sets, the worse it sounds - say like after a few days
at the airport. Overnight - it is still way way way way noisier than
anything else I've ever owned, but it doesn't seem to car.

At about 77K miles now, and apparently no worse for wear due to
this annoyance, and even embarassmet when starting amongst a
crowd. No added oil burn (a quart/3000 miles is the norm since new,
compared to my buddies 1999 bmw - 5000 plus miles between oil
changes, and it is all still in there).

The long plan is to find the bits for an SRT-4 motor/trans swap should
it ever die.

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