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newbie with a question,,,,

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First of all i want to say hello,,,,,
It looks like a decent place here.
I am the proud owner of a 2006 ram qc.
I am also going to look at purchaseing a 79 power wagon.

My question is this, ( it's a 2 part question )
What is the bolt pattern for the 79 4x4. 5 lugs.
And if it's a 8 lug pattern does it match up with any other make wheels.
I have a set of stock steel 16" wheels for a chevy 8 lug.
I'm going to need to put a set of rollers on it to get it home.

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5-lug pattern is 5x4.5". 8-lug is the same as a Chevy, but the center hole on the Chevy wheels is smaller, so they won't fit. You'll have to have Dodge or Ford 8-lug wheels.
Thanks for the help.
I do have 1 additional question though,,,, The truck is a 4x4, you think the bolt pattern is still 5 on 4.5? seems kind of small for the front hub diameter.
Just a thought.
It is small, but that's what it is. I think 86? is when they got the big pattern.
Ok, Thank you for the info.

I went and looked at the truck and it turns out it is a w200 with a 6 inch suspension lift and a 3 inch body lift. The body is rotted beyond repair so i need to find a d100 to rob the body off of. So i guess i'm on a mission now,,,,,

First, Welcome to Dodgetalk.
Second where are you located?
I'm down in Tampa, Florida.

It's concidered Chevy country down here so old dodges are hard to find.
Did I here you need to find a D-100??? I got one for sell Its a 1980 w/ a slant 6 & Manual.. It runs & idles out well but needs some TLC & most important it needs a new home!!! Heres some Pics!!

The first $650.00 Takes it!!!.. I know your in Fl.. But its worth a shot!!! :D
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oh, I know a guy here with a good shell, bad frame
Check this out,,, Right across the street from me ( and i've lived here for 6 months now ) the neighbor has a 79 d100 v8 auto with a/c. Truck hasn't moved in about 7 months. Real clean good piant, interior is decent,body straight as an arrow, it even has all the fancy chrome trim around the lower body line.

So i do some research and locate the owners up in Indiana. ( summer home i guess ). I ask about the truck and when the conversations about to end he tells me i can have it for $400.00.

So $400.00 for a real clean straight body.
And $300 for a real clean w200 chassis with a 6" lift and some good stuff on the body.( fender flares and such )

So for about a grand i can potentially have a good runner that looks killer and hopefully cut through the mud decent.

I think it's a good score for only having 2&1/2 days invested into locating another project truck.

I figure if things go smoothly i should be able to swap the d100 body onto the w200 chassis in 1 weekend.

I'll post pictures of both trucks as soon as i get them home and as the project goes on i'll show the progress.

Wish me luck,,,

Thanks for the help.
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sweet! Sounds like you got a good deal... get us pictures as soon as possible!!
Yeah that's a good buy on both trucks. Let us know how you make out.
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