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New Y-pipe and High-flow Cat

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Last thing I did was get a custom Magnaflow 2.5" Dual Cat-back, but I'm thinking of getting a new Y-pipe fabbed up and replace the stock cat while I'm at it. I'm thinking of going with a 2.25 into 2.5" y-pipe, then into a 2.5" in/out high-flow cat. This way I can reuse my 14" magnaflow muffler I spent the bucks on.
Having a High-flow cat will make the exhaust louder,correct?
And, should I just go with a 2.5" into 2.5" y-pipe, or should I stick with 2.25"?
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I just got me truck back from putting a magnaflow CAT in it and it sounds louder.
That's what I wanted to hear.
Thanks a bunch!

It is really not much louder. I have a 97 Dak with a 5.2 and Gibson Headers ( 120Kmiles on the headers they are great) and have finally (after divorcing my insane wife) gotten around to fixing the exhaust. The factory y is a 1 3/4 y pipe to a 2 1/4 collector where the front O2 sensor is. Just after the sensor I fabed a 2 1/4" to 3" collector that splits to two 2 1/2 tubes through two Magna Flow HP mufflers. I fabed the tail pipes out just behind the rear tires. It is quite a bit quietier than I anticipated from the cab but it sounds real good outside. It is a work in progress as I am fab'in the front and plan on putting in high flow cats. I substituted in an O2 simulator for the back sensor O2sensor from o2simulator dot com until I get the cats in with no adverse results. It runs considerably better with the current configuration and I am looking forward to the true duals with the xpipe after the dual cats (inspection, my home is being annexed and inspection is in the future). Hope this helps.
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When I got my high flow cat it made it noticeably louder for sure. Mine was already straight piped after the stock cat but I figured I'd like a little extra noise. Definitley worth the money, imo.
Maybe I'll just buy another cutout and have it welded in this time for some extra noise. Sucks that I forgot to keep the cutout from the old exhaust, but it was in bad condition though.
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