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VARARAM is proud to announce that the a new Full ram air system ( to be named soon) has completed its 12,000 mile tests.

Performance improvements are as follows

Testing in real world performance has shown ( with NO CUSTOM TUNING or Programmers etc..)

0-60mph improvements of 4-5 tenths min!

1/4mile improvements of 3-4 tenths and +3-4 mph!

Testing has been conducted on Charger R/T's, SRT-8's and the new Challengers in R/T( 6sp) and SRT-8 (auto) form.

The system is Engineered to support 700HP
Will be an easy bolt on 20-30min
NO water ingestion guaranteed ( due to scoops high mount location)

Here we cannot comment much due to pending Patent filings ,but expect a retro look.

Availability- We are set for Late Jan, early Feb release.

PRICE - Not set, but expect $349-$399 and as always Guaranteed Performance and satisfaction, "IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT, IF YOU DON'T LOVE IT, IF IT DOESN'T PERFORM THE WAY WE SAY IT WILL.......WE WILL GLADLY TAKE THE UNIT BACK AND PAY SHIPPING BOTH WAYS!!!

Look for Spy shots on the forum some time in Jan.

Happy Holidays from VaraRam
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