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Review from modesto83:

1st step Remove bumper

Pre Heat oven to 215 deg and bake headlights for 9 min

Open headlights

Lens completely off

Test fit your halo rings

I taped up wires with black electrical tape for a clean look.

Poke hole and run wires thru here.

Remove adhesive backing and place rings

Bake headlights for again at 215 deg for 9 min, then re assemble.

I wired mine directly to the corner lights. Brown wire is power, and black wire is ground.

First pictures

This was not a difficult install at all. The hardest part of the install was removing the bumper and re-installing it.
The rings are so bright and you really don't see any gap between the leds like the older style halos. Over all I was really impressed with the fit and function.

Thanks again AAC!
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