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  • Chrysler LLC plans to offer new round of rebates and incentives in Dec
  • Campaign kicks off w/ Dodge, Jeep, Chrysler TV ads Nov 20; will emphasize lifetime warranty
  • Cutting production now but still needs to trim dealer stocks of 2007 models
  • Heaviest discounts likely to come on 4 models being discontinued
  • Attempting to bring its business in line w/ sales demand
  • Consumer Reports' most disappointing vehicles included Nitro, Sebring, Caliber, Compass

  • New incentives in preparation expected for tough sales year in 2008
  • Could add further competitive kick to already tough year for overall US auto market
  • Chrysler's product development is broken; desperately needs to be fixed
  • Cerberus Capital Mgmt denies they're just trying to strip out costs and flip Chrysler
  • Unsold inventories of Caliber, Compass, Liberty, Nitro have piled up on dealership lots
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Sourced From: The Wall Street Journal, November 9, 2007; Automotive News, November 5, 2007, page 8; Business Week, November 8, 2007
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