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Hey gents. I have not posted in awhile but the forum has been huge for me the past month trying to figure out my truck problems. I thought I would share my experience just to add to the pool of possible fixes for people. Honestly this topic has been covered a million times but I figure the more write ups the better because all it takes is reading one new idea you have not tried to possibly fix a problem on your own. Ill try not to make this too long but a quick back story...

2001 Ram 1500 Off-Road. 5 inch lift on 35s. 46RE with 4.10s. Bought used at 60,000 miles. It has been well cared for and not abused. I should add that it was never used to tow until this year. It went out only three times pulling cattle and hay in a 16 foot stock trailer. Weight never exceeded 5,500 pounds. For as long as I can remember I had a CEL for a TC lockup issue. Never really affected the way the truck operated so I let it go. I changed trans fluid and filter at 86,000 miles. Used Royal Purple ATF. Currently at 117,000 miles and about 4 months ago I started getting sporadic hard shifts. Usually the 2-3 shift getting on highways. Hard shift was very random, but became more frequent and more extreme as time went on. About 2 months ago I had a slip coming off a stop sign so I knew it was starting to go downhill. One cold morning I left for a drive and had a really bad whine from the trans in reverse. The rest of the gears seemed fine with no noise. Drove it to my destination. Parked it. Left later in the day and had no noise. While on the interstate coming home I could tell it was not driving right. It seemed to be under powered and was having trouble shifting gears. When I pulled into my driveway I realized I had that whine noise in drive. Went to back into my parking spot and had a very delayed shift into reverse, maybe 10-15 seconds. Loud whine was now audible in all gears with delayed shifts throughout. Parked it and decided to dig into it. I had a CEL, but remember, I had had one for the lockup forever, so this did not raise an alarm, so I did not pull codes. Big mistake. Now comes the two weeks of repairs....

First thing, fluid was good and proper height. Was dark but did not smell burnt. Did all my research and decided my whine was most likely valve body or sensor related so I ordered a master solenoid rebuild kit. Second thing, pulled the check valve on the trans cooler line to make sure that was operational. It was clean, clear and worked as it should. Left it alone for the time being. Truck sat until parts arrived.

Digging into it finally, I discovered the fluid was in decent shape. Like I said, dark in the pan but on a rag you could still see hints of red. No burnt smell. The normal "sparkles" of metal were evident, as was sludge shavings on the magnet. No chunks of metal. Filter seemed to be clear. Pulled the valve body. Everything looked good, Gov Press Sensor had SOME metal on the screen but was mostly clear. 3-4 spring was intact. Used the rebuild kit to replace OD and Lockup sensors, Gov Press Sensor, Gov Press Transducer, and 3-4 spring. Took my time on reassembly (I will add I think unclipping the shift rod is the way to go if you have skinny fingers like me) Adjusted the bands, new trans filter and fresh fluid, pan gasket, and installed a drain plug, which was a great idea, but terrible at the same time. Ran the truck, topped the fluid, still had a CEL, BUT NO WHINE.

Like I stated, I never pulled codes before disassembly, I just figured my CEL was for my normal OD lockup, and my trans problems were from the towing finally causing failure in our fragile second gens. Now when I pulled codes, I had the P1763 and P1762. I really wish I knew if I had these codes before, because that would have helped me diagnose. I DID NOT have my OD lockup code. Now started the fun 3.5 days of trying to eliminate these codes....

Hoping I pinched a wire, or did not fully snap in a sensor or plug, I drained and disassembled/reassembled THREE TIMES over the course of a few days. This is where I was glad I installed the pan plug, but the damn thing leaked like a faucet (I never could get it to stop) I even threw back in my old Press Sensor with no fix. I checked all external connections to make sure they were clean and intact. I even unplugged 1, 2, then both o2 sensors to see if that trick worked. No luck. I would reset the PCM in between attempts, sometimes the CEL would pop instantly, other times it would take about 8-10 seconds. Every time I pulled codes I would ALWAYS have 1763, but only sometimes I would have 1762. Truck was driving in limp mode, but would work great if I manually shifted gears. The whine now would also come and go. Far less frequent and not as loud, but still present in all gears except neutral. Because I live on a gravel road and we were offically into winter, 4-wheel drive is a must. I had given my self all the time I could to try and solve the problem, but I needed my 4x4, so I surrendered and had it towed to a shop.

A few days went by and I got a call. Trucks working great, it needed all new sensors. According to him, the voltage in one wire in the "harness" was messed up. Not sure which harness. It is possible I did something during install, but he stated it was probably due to bad parts from the vendor. Not uncommon he said. He replaced with Dodge parts, and all was well. Now I had a choice to make, call it good and go pick it up, or still have them rebuild it. He said "about 2/3rds of the trans life has been used up." I elected to go ahead and have them do a rebuild because I do not plan on selling the truck, I had the money set aside for it, and will continue to use it to tow, so I wanted to be confident it would not leave me and the cows on the side of the road in 6 months.

I will make this quick, but after install of the rebuilt trans, it now ran like junk. I drove it to see for myself. Horrible sputtering and shuttering, jerking and jumpy shifts. Tach would jump like crazy at idle. It would die in intersections. They thought water in the fuel, o2 sensor problems, or TV cable issues. Turned out it was a jacked crank position sensor. Somehow got messed up when they were pulling or installing the trans. New sensor fixed the problem. Truck now drives like a dream!

So....lessons learned.
1. Always pull codes before doing work. If I was sure I did not have 1763 code before tearing it apart, I would have looked more into the new sensor pack I bought and determined they were bad. I would have had my truck fixed in my own barn in less than 3 days.
2. Just because parts are new does not mean they work. Yes, it could have been me during installation, but there is a good chance the new parts I put in were bad from the get go. Honestly not a big deal. The company I purchased from has been a huge help in fixing our trucks and goes out of their way to provide us with information on transmission fixes for our vehicles, crap happens, its all good.
3. According to my trans guy, removing o2 sensors to see if its a harness problem causing the 1763 code is only a Jeep thing, and will not affect our trucks. Who knows.
4. DO YOUR RESEARCH. I spent a week watching every video and reading every forum I could on the 46RE and it payed dividends when I was under the truck, covered in oil, and did not have a free hand to look stuff up. I had a good idea on how to disassemble and reassemble before I started. I HIGHLY RECCOMEND picking up a copy of the "Automatic Transmission Service Group Dodge Jeep TechTran Manual for the gas and diesel 46,47,and 48RE transmissions." This was huge. If you are a DIYer, get it. It has everything you need to know.
5. BE CONFIDNT AND GIVE THIS REPAIR A TRY. This was my first time diving into a transmission past fluid and filters. It was great and I am glad I did. I learned so much and have gained a lot more confidence doing my own work. This job honestly was not that bad. YOU CAN DO IT.
6. If you have the driving symptoms I did, especially after transmission work, look hard at the Crank sensor.

Tear into yours and lets keep giving these second gens a life! There are so many new trucks on the road today that are so expensive, techy, and honestly just plain boring. I take great pride in still driving around my '01 in a sea of brand new "luxury cars with beds."
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