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My new truck.

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Well.....what do you all think of my slammed 4x4?

Nah, my son was fooling around with Photoshop and made this.
It's not bad eh.

It is my truck but with a different set of wheels and somewhat slammed.


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might wanna chop out the nerf bars to make it a little bit more believeable! ;)
good chop
yeah that is a good chop, i think it looks pretty badass...maybe you should do it?? lol
I see you moved to Texas too!
Al, do'll only love the truck more.
That would be a sick lookin truck!!!
Your boy has got some skills
not taking anything at all away from LPG's son, but

have you seen OUR concept/modified section?? talk about sick skills :rck:
Do a 3/5 drop and lose the nerfs and fender flares. Heck !!!!! Selling that stuff would pretty much fund your drop!!! :D
i dont know, for some reason i kind of like the fender flares on it...looks like it tucks the tire more
The flares give it an even wider and lower look. I like it! :rck:

Mad props to your son, damn good chop.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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