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$400 is a tight budget!!!
Let me sharpen my pencil........
1-12" vented Fox Box $175 no grilles $165
1-12" JL W1v2 $100-125
10 GA AMP KIT $20-30
TOTAL $425-450????
You could also wait a week and get the new single 10" vented box for the passenger side. It is $125 and you would save $20 going to a 10 so that would put you at $400

I was on Ebay earlier and someone has a amplified Thunderform and the starting bid is $200. The listing says pickup only but I would try contacting the seller to see if you could arrange for shipping. Offer $25 for shipping and a extra $25 to have him bring it to a shipping center and get it boxed up. Thats what most people are scared of, its packing somthing that large for shipping. I would say if you can pick it up for $250 total its a good deal.
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