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NEW Rough Country Heckthorne
2 front RC8000 part #8302
these are for 0"-1" of lift 2wd applications.
Brand new,no boots,with all hardware
50.00 shipped

2 3" blocks and u-bolts (ubolts brand new never installed blocks are great shape barely used)...these are slightly wedge shaped for pinion angle
65.00 shipped for the pair

SRT-10 Reg cab coils
These are only used about a month after being bought brand new,will raise a Hemi truck about 1/2"
125.00 shipped

Stock 2wd sets of spindles (aluminum)
100.00 shipped per pair.

GoMango bare bezel for around radio and heater controls......this was removed by drilling the back side from a complete assembly and can be used/installed by using epoxy or hotglue gun.
30.00 shipped

can post pics if needed,but most are self explanatory.
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