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I have a brand new Mopar RB1 Radio for sale. I ordered this in for a customer and then they backed out on me. This unit retails for $1595 and I am selling it at $1250 shipped, basically dealer cost. This is a very nice unit and fill fit in basically most 2002 and up Chrysler, Dodge, or Jeep vehicles. This unit will actually fit in some of the older models also if it has the rounded face radio. I would need to get you the wiring adaptor also. Let me know if you have any questions on whether this will fit in your ride or not. I have attached a picture and Description of the unit, which I borrowed from one of RTDurango's posts.


RB1 Navigation Radio features

Description: In-dash AM/FM/CD NAV Radio with 4.1" screen. All mapping is on one DVD. Built by Alpine for Mopar. The RB1 Navigation Radio combines multiple technologies to determine the exact location of your vehicle and select the best route to your destination. The screen can be switched between "NAV" mode and "Radio/clock" mode. The unit does not play standard DVD's.

AM/FM Radio/CD/CD-R/CD-RW The radio portion features 30 station presets, 10 each for AM, FM and the Sirius Satellite* Radio system. The radio features a CD changer control for the factory optional 10-disc changer. When not needing the use of the NAV unit, the DVD disc can be removed and an audio CD can be played in the same slot. Special Program Type (PTY) feature allows you to search for FM and Sirius Satellite Radio stations by type of music category, from those stations broadcasting a PTY compatible signal. (*Requires Satellite Radio Service activation). The CD player is compatible with both CD-R and CD-RW discs. The radio or a CD from the changer can be listened to while in the NAV mode.

Operation: First, the navigation system receives location signals from Global Positioning Satellites (GPS) orbiting the earth. At the same time within your vehicle, speed pulse, reverse signal sensors and a gyroscope constantly monitor distance traveled, direction and turn information. Compiling and comparing this data, the Navigation Radio matches your location with the data located on its geographic DVD-ROM, and places your vehicle's location on the map. After inputting the desired destination and routing preferences, the RB1 computes and provides visual routing directions along with voice commands that safely guide you through your trip.

Navigation features:

Address book - Store up to 100 personal locations and phone numbers in the system's memory, and create up to ten customer address book folders.

Coverage - There are currently 2,600 cities in the US that are mapped with detailed coverage. The next updated DVD disc will be released in June, 2003.

Database - Designed and maintained by NAVTECH, a leader in NAV systems technology

GPS clock - With 8 satellites feeding the GPS-based system, you can quickly adjust your clock to the time zone in which you are traveling. Time is also displayed directly on the map along with your estimated time of arrival, or estimated drive time remaining.

In-motion operation - As a special safety feature, the Mopar RB1 Navigation Radio limits the availability of certain navigation tasks while the vehicle is in motion. Programmable options such as editing the personal address book or inputting a destination will be unavailable and grayed out until the vehicle comes to a complete stop. In addition, when in motion, Point of Interest selections are limited: you can only choose from a list of the last 5 POI listings that were entered.

Maneuver list - Allows you to review your trip itinerary before you put your vehicle in if there's a road in your route that you'd rather avoid, you simply tell the system, and it recalculates a new route.

Mapping your destination - 8 ways:
1. Input the street address
2. Select a point of interest
3. Select a Recent Route (stores up to 10)
4. Select a destination from your address book
5. Input a business phone number
6. Input a trip itinerary (up to 10 can be stored)
7. Input an intersection
8. Use the map cursor to select a location directly from your map display

Map cursor - When taking a trip you can access a map of the location you are visiting. You can move your map cursor to a specific coordinate and, by simply hitting "enter", the system will show an address (or coordinates) for that selected site and create a trip route directly to your final destination...even if it's a thousand miles away.

Map zoom - You can select from 9 different zoom scales to increase or decrease map magnification, from 1/20th of a mile up to 350 mile "birds-eye view".

Orientation - The default orientation is "North" on the top of the display. It can also be set to "follow" mode where the direction you are currently traveling is on top.

Points of Interest function - Select the service or business you'd like to visit from a database containing thousands of addresses. With a few touches of a button, you're mapped and ready to roll. Features over 40 main categories to choose from, including ATM's, Hospitals, government offices, restaurants, gas stations, hotels, grocery stores, auto service stations and more.

Route Guidance - You have the option of viewing a turn-by-turn map, full display map, or a combination of both. Roads are classified from 1-5, with a level 1 road being the highest level road such as a highway or freeway, and a level 5 road, for example, may be a country road in a rural area. Generally, the system will try to direct you to the "highest level" road. When you are on "minimize freeways", the system will try to route you on the most direct streets. The system does not have the capacity to track your movements or memorize your favorite routes.

Routing methods - Quickest Route, Minimize Toll Roads, Maximize Freeways and Minimize Freeways provide unmatched customization.

Route Recalculation (automatic) - If you encounter a detour, miss an exit or make a wrong turn the RB1 adjusts to keep you on track. Should you change course from the directions indicated on the display monitor for any reason, the system can automatically recalculate your position, then select and display a new route.

Screen - The screen can be toggled between the NAV display and the Radio/clock display. The power must be on in order to see the clock display.

Smart Key Filtering - When using the digital keyboard to input information, the system makes educated guesses based on previously entered letter combinations and displays only the characters necessary to input your destination

Trail Function - The RB1 features a program developed specifically for off-road use. You can get longitude, latitude and altitude readings. You can also mark, name and save the location so you can find it again on a later trip. And, if you should really get into the scenery and lose your way, you'll discover the unique program has been dropping "bread crumbs" as you've been making your trail, so backtracking to get to your original trailhead is a breeze! The "bread crumbs" tracking feature works only in the Trail Function mode, and will retain in its memory about 150 miles of traveling.

Trip Itinerary - When multiple stops must be navigated, the RB1 can accept up to 10 locations, and then will create the most efficient route to accommodate all destinations in the shortest amount of time.

Yellow pages - Over 5 million business phone numbers are included on the DVD program.

Update discs - Additional geographic areas are continuously being mapped. With initial purchase of the unit, Jeep will provide a coupon good for one free update disc ($150 value). The coupon must be used within 12 months.

Voice Guidance options - The RB1 not only points the way...but it talks to you! When to turn, and how soon, mile by mile, turn by turn, until you reach your final destination. One of three languages can be selected - English, French-Canadian or Spanish. While in the radio or CD mode, the voice prompt (if activated) will override the radio sound momentarily. The NAV voice volume can be set independently of the radio volume.

You can choose from four voice options:

1. Maximum (two beep tones and voice)
2. Normal (one beep tone and voice prompt)
3. Minimum (tones only, no voice prompt)
4. Off (no tones or voice prompt)

RB1 Specifications:

Manufacturer: Alpine (Alpine Website) / made in Japan
Application: Selected Chrysler 2002 and later model vehicles (w/22-pin radio connector)
Type: Flush mount AM/FM/CD Navigation Radio with CD Changer controls, DVD based
Screen size: Full color 4.1" diagonal (3-3/4" x 1-3/4") (95mm x 45mm)
Screen area: 6.62 square inches (16.81 sq. cm.)
Mounting size: 1.5 DIN (3" H x 5.51" D x 7.87" W) (88.5mm H x 140mm D x 200mm W)
Antenna: Flush mount, inside dash
Bus: J1850 bus specification for NAV information
Tuner: AM/FM tuner for US/Canada markets
AM Frequency Range: 530 kHz~1710kHz
FM Frequency Range: 87.7MHz~107.9MHz
Clock: Auto-set via NAV satellite
Satellite Radio format: Sirius
Navigation satellites: Receives GPS signals from up to 8 satellites to display the position and direction of your vehicle. CD Changer operation: Same 10-pin/8-wire connector as 2002 and later factory radios. Controls any Chrysler external CD changer
CD Audio: Plays CD, CD-R and CD-RW. Not compatible with MP3
Power: 66 watts total power at 3% total harmonic distortion
Weight: 5 lbs, 7 oz.
Shipping weight: 10 lbs. (in original factory carton)
Mopar RB1 package contents: Rb1 radio, NAV antenna, instruction manual, mercury warning sticker, DVD disc, coupon for free update disc, foam strips, basic installation diagram. P/N 56038629AD
Retail price, USA (MSRP): $1595.00 (not including installation)

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