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Just replaced my 360 with a 318 and cannot get it to run right. So far I've replaced,

Pcm (318)
Cap rotor
Cam angle sensor
Crank sensor
Timing chain
Both head gaskets (relapped valves)
Plenum gasket
Throttle body gasket .

Motor runs rough on startup and idle bounces around between 1000 and 1500 then after about 10-20 second starts popping and backfiring bad and shooting flames out the exhaust.

The motor had a stuck valve wich was replaced when I did the head gaskets. It made slight contact with the piston and had zero compression on that cylinder. Now all cylinders have good compression and timing is set correct to my knowledge. I've tried everything I can think of and I'm just about at my wits end. Throwing code p1391.

Plugs are wet with fuel after running. So I'd assume running very rich/timing issues.

Also new motor came out of a 95 ram but everything from the intake up was swapped over from the old engine.

Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks
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