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Got a chime and this comes up on the odometer. What the heck is that supposed to mean? Only thing I could think of would be washer fluid, but that's right full.

Was running in slush/snow at the time and the truck is covered in it now. Don't tell me there's a sensor to tell you to wash the truck.....LOL!

'07 2500 w/5.9 Cummins, auto.

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The sensor may be stuck. I believe that it is like a fuel gauge. There is a little float in the tank. Open the hood and give the tank a light slap with the palm of your hand. Also, be sure that it is full and you aren't looking at the radiator overflow tank. ;)
Sounds reasonable, I'll give it a shot. Thanks.

Oh, BTW, mine's white too. :D
If not try, unplugging the sensor and plugging it back in. If you don't care for the sensor, you can just leave it unplugged. It shouldn't chime anymore, but if it does a 5amp mini fuse plugged into it will make it stop.

and if that don't work--------wash the truck lo!!! lol
Mine did this after i did the bodylift. I guess i jacked up the sensor. I didn't think to unplug it..
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