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I am having a couple of issues with my Grand Caravan and would like some advice.
Occasionally, driving around town the van will decide not to change gears out of first. There is no grinding sound or anything like that. It will just not work. When it is doing this, if I try to manually change gears that will also not work.
If I run the gear shift up and down a couple of times and turn the van off and on a couple of times, it will usually go away.
I have gotten some codes:
P0734 P0792 P1709 P0733 U0196 or V0196? B16FD
But even these are not consistent.
There are 2 other issues that are happening that I am not sure are part of the same problem or not so I will list these here also.
Occasionally, all of the dash lights will flash and the wipers turn themselves on for one swipe.
Occasionally, When we go to crank the van it sticks and acts like the battery is dead, until we run the gear shifter up and down a couple of times and then the van will crank like normal.
With everything being so intermittent I wanted to see if I could get some ideas before taking it to the shop.
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