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This is a copy of a Customers post from the rumble bee forum

2005 GSM Supercharged hemi with 6lb base kit and srt killer pkg

Scott Quaranta
GS Motorsports

Posted: Sun May 08, 2005 8:10 pm Post subject: Lightning vs. GSM Rumble Bee!!!


Well, it FINALLY happened! I went toe-to-toe with a Lightning. While sitting at a stoplight, a blue Lightning pulled up next to me. I wasn't paying attention and didn't even realize a car pulled up next to me until he revved and got my attention. It was a nice day today and both of us had our windows down. I was alone in my truck and he had his girl in his. I said f#@$ it, why not? I pointed ahead and asked if he wanted to run. He gave me the nod. HEMI ON!!!

Light turns green and all you could hear was the screaming of his supercharger and mine and my loud Flowmaster and both our tires searching for traction. I was shocked as the ass end of my truck was getting away from me, so I let off the gas a little to get it back in check and then punched it again when I got straightened out (this is all happening very quickly). We went up to about 75-80 before I braked for the next stoplight. Had him the whole time from the launch and he hung about 1/2 a truck length off my rear quarter. Not a slaughter, but a kill nonetheless.

Guy was really cool about it, said he just had intake and exhaust and I told him what I had. Said he thought it was gonna be another easy Hemi kill. I still need more power. Going on vacation next weekend for a couple weeks and then I'm slapping on a different exhaust, big boost kit, and some other stuff.

GSM Rumble Bee: 1
Lightning: 0
2005 Dodge Ram 1500 Rumble Bee 4x4 (Second Swarm No. 0222)
387 rwhp / 378 rwtq...Old Numbers!
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