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lifting a 2wd

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ok guys just recently got my ram 2wd and i am looking into a 3inch leveling kit it comes with 1inch rear block and 3inch front coils. and i am looking to clear 35inch tires right now i got the stock 275/60/20 which comes out to a 33inch tire do yall think i will need the body lift to clear the 35s or just he 3 inch suspension. looking into getting the nitto a/t tires.

do yall think it will clear them
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the only real problems are with the edges of the lower air dam should be able to clear them ok if you do a little trimming or total removal of the front air dam.....a little tougher if you have a SPORT model.
yea i knew i would have to trim back the front i have had to to that on my olf 4x4 one ton to run the 35s but i seem to think that i can clear them with just he 3inch suspension on the truck i would drop this thing down but i go hunting a lil bit to much so thats out the question and all i have ever owned was 4x4s so i dont know much about what a 4x4 can run. and no i dont ahve a sport i got a big horn.
Heres a little tip.....
3" coils on a 2wd leave hardly any down travel of your upper control arms......they smack the coil bucket actually and can severly damage the balljoints. I would recommend maybe a 2" or 2.5" spacer OR a 3" spindle for best results. I sold a few kits with spindles and coil spacers which got around 5.5 lift without the control arm issues.
yea i heard about them ball joints on with the old rough contry 6inch kit. the only thing i am scared of with the spindle kits it that i will have to change my factory rims. you got a web site where i can go check out your stuff man
You dont have to change the rims,I have a few guys running lifts with spindles with stock 17's and 20's.
kool man i was jsut checking out some of your stuff on here and i like what i am seeing. so you think 3inch spindles 1inch block with a minor front trim would clear the 325 nitto terra grapplers or would i have to go 3inch spindles with a coil spacer in the front
I would go with the 3" spindle for the same reason slammed1 just said.
yea iwas just looking at someones truck he did on here with a 3inch spindle and a 1.5 coild spacer in the front with a 2-3 inch block it looked like with the 35inch tires
i think thats what i want to run. plus i was asking about the coils cause i remmber tlaking to a guy a while back about the dodge 2wd having a uppercontrol arm problem due to the springs making to much angle and the spindles are the way to go. the only reason this truck is hard to figure out for me is that i have always owned chevys4x4s and this is my first dodge and it s a 2x4 so i want to lift it the only reason i didnt get a 4x4 this time was that i go hunting but i never have to go to far down the trail with the quad and all i jsut dont use the 4x4 anymore so i thought i would do a 2x4 with some tires
who sells a 3" spindle?
hey slammed can you run a price for me on the 3inch spindles with a 1.5 coil spacer and the rear blocks and shocks the truck is an 2006 qc
I'm looking to lift my front end as well on my week old 06 ram. I'd like to probably go with 33's on it.. 35's would be cool. But I bought the 6banger so I don't want to kill the motor without regearing it=)... Plus I have a hard enough time getting my crf450 in and out.. WHere can I pick upa set of the 3" spindles? Is it a straighforward install. Do I have to actually remove the balljoints?or just seperate them from the stock spindle( I haven't really checked out the fron tsuspension up close.) Thanks guys.. I'm glad I ran across thisI was just thinking of ordering some 3" springs but now am thinking otherwise... Thanks
3" spindles are 275.00 shipping(they are heavy). You only have to separate the spindle from the ball joints.
That's not bad especially since i won't have to replaceballjoint all the time( I hate that crap) Slammed1 thanks so much what's your website? I need to talk the lil wife into it still though=)..
You would clear I have a 3 inch body lift and I would clear with no rubbing I just cant afford them hahaha
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