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Do you tow? We have ran into so many RAM owners who tow. Whether it be a horse trailer or a camper, towing tends to be a common topic. So, we wanted to list a few ways our trailer suspensions might be able to help! If you have any questions, please chat us up!

First off is our Axle-Less Suspension
This award-winning product turns the traditional idea of trailer suspensions on its head. The most exciting feature about the Axle-Less suspension is the fact that it requires no axle!
Think about the possibilities. Imagine the freedom to go anywhere – without the usual restrictions of an axle. Experience a smooth, quiet ride made possible with Timbren’s rubber spring technology. A variety of different sizes are available.
More info: Axle-Less Trailer Suspension - Timbren Industries Inc. Suspension Products

Next up, our Silent Ride!
Quiet and smooth. These two words describe the Silent Ride trailer suspension. Any clanking and banging sounds are silenced. Rough and uneven towing quickly evaporates. And its rugged design ensures that it can endure Canada’s harsh climate and the rough terrain of the Australian outback. A variety of different sizes are available.

Dakota Air
Originally designed as a premium suspension for horse trailers, the Dakota Air system has evolved over the years. Its ultra-smooth ride is perfect for trailers carrying fragile cargo such as horses and electronic equipment. The durability of its material and design matches the more extreme demands of a construction trailer.

Last but not least, STI Air Ride
One of the unique characteristics of the STi air ride suspension system is its fully independent wheel design. The independent wheel suspension could make the difference between gaining and losing control of your trailer.
A unique option of the STI product line is the Cargo-Max system. A patented brake and rim design allows for more room between the wheel wells; all of a sudden, you have more space for cargo.
The bottom line is: You get a soft, stable ride on a durable suspension that offers improved handling.

The photos attached feature our Axle-Less and Silent Ride

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