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Superchips Announces 2010 Co-Title Sponsorship
of Robby Woods Racing #99 Off-Road Truck

Today Superchips announces their sponsorship of the #99 Robby Woods Racing Pro 2 Unlimited truck, driven by Robby Woods. Woods will be competing in the Lucas Oil Off- Road Racing Series.

Superchips will share a primary paint scheme with Lucas Oil Slick Mist. Plans to leverage the sponsorship include an aggressive activation format that will incorporate Superchips’ dealer network, channel partners, and customers.

“We are thrilled to bring Superchips on board!” said Woods. Robby continued, “I established a relationship with Superchips a few years ago, and I think they have had an opportunity to see me and my team grow into a group that is poised for success.”

Superchips is currently powering Robby Woods Racing’s tow rigs and the team’s personal trucks. “I’m getting support on and off the race course from the partnership. My team and I are going to provide Superchips with that same support on the track as we interact with their customers, travel with them to launch products, and attend industry events.” Woods noted.

At the age of 22, Robby Woods built a competitive race team from scratch on a very limited budget. A top ten finish among the best off road racers in the world in 2007 was a successful start to an effort that has continued to grow. Living in Pahrump, Nevada benefits Woods; Robby’ s front yard doubles as his own private test track, complete with banked turns and a few big jumps. When he's not jumping over his driveway or TIG welding spare parts, Robby likes to play music and hang out with his friends.

Stay tuned for more exciting news from Superchips!
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