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I have a 2007 Dodge Magnum RT with Lifetime Warranty. Ten days ago I was rear ended and the resulting impact caused me to hit the car in front of me. So, my Magnum took major damage on both ends. The car itself is in mint condition inside and out (until this accident).

I have a few questions, but first wanted to list the parts that I can visibly see that need to be replaced. I can get dealer cost on all the OEM parts.

-Front fascia
-Front bumper absorber
-Drivers side head light assembly
-Passenger side head light assembly
-AC Condenser
-Power Steering Oil Cooler
-Radiator Hoses
-Upper Radiator support/frame/cross member
-Lower Radiator support/frame/cross member
-Left grill
-Right grill
-Nameplate (Dodge emblem)
-Rear fascia
-Rear bumper absorber
-Drivers side fender has minor bend from where the head light assembly
-Paint for hood, fascia's and front fenders
-Lots of body clips/snaps/screws/nuts/bolts
-Uni-body in the rear is damaged

From the dealer at retail prices the above list is $360; at dealer costs that drops to $2900. If I use a combination of dealer cost and after market I can get the parts close to $2000. That does not include painting. I have not had alignment checked, but the car tracks perfect and follows the crown of the road. So my thoughts are that the alignment is not going to be an issue. I can do all the work except for the painting.

My questions are:

1-If responsible parties insurance declares total loss and salvaged title, do I keep it or as Steve Miller sings about....Take the Money and run? (BTW, lifetime warranty will be voided if salvaged title)

2-If responsible parties insurance declares total loss and does not make it a salvaged title, do I keep it?

I have already been directed to the total loss department and have not talked to them yet. I am hoping to get that handled today.

With all this, there's no drive train issues, engine and transmission are running perfectly. After you stop crying (like me), let me know what you think.



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Hey John,

I wasn't able to see the pics ... the link took me to a log in page?

Anyway ... sorry about the collision ... hope YOU are OK. As for your questions, those are tough calls, no matter what. Probably best to wait to see what the insurance company does ... & then weigh your options. Otherwise, you just might go crazy(er?) ... LOL!

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