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I bought some OEM MOPAR fog lights to replace mine that were broke and leaking. I found a set on EBAY that was listed as MOPAR OEM "offered by" Magneti Marelli. I thought that was just the retailer. when I pulled them out of the box, they didn't have a single MOPAR part number anywhere on it. They are

The images on the Ebay site are correct to what I saw. My fault for not looking closely at the site and just going by description. The google search shows their site and they do appear to be a MOPAR parts dealer out of Ohio.

Here's the Ebay listing for the parts I got.

Did I get fake OEM parts or are these just one of the many "aftermarket" OEM parts suppliers that MOPAR uses for some of these things? I know, that anymore, most parts of varying types all come out of the same plants, and put together by the same Tiawanese teenage prison labor. I've learned that, buying the same parts form multiple brands and they all have the same markings and origin codes, just some you pay top dollar for, others, you get at a deep discount.

I just want to know if I got real parts or Real Fake parts.


OK, I guess, Never Mind. I found an online article from MOPARmagazine that talks about the company and how they're used to produce a lot of MOPAR and other replacement parts.
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