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This is available for all rounded corner radios including RBQ 6 disc and nav radios.


The Aux2Car is a perfect solution to adding line inputs to most vehicles. Just plug it in.
• No FM modulator.
• Programmable for most vehicle applications.
• Easily adds CD quality input for laptops, CD players, MP3 players, CD/DVD changers & more!
• Aux input selectable from radio controls

$95 shipped with the cable.

To The staff at Peripheral Electronics:

I finished the install of the PXDX into my PT Cruiser a few days ago.
And all I can say is WOW!

As a professional Recording Engineer I am very impressed with the sound quality.
I do a lot of remote recording and use my vehicle as a support vehicle.
Since I installed your product I have been using my vehicle as a priviate listening environment.
All of the other engineers and producers that I work with are also impressed.
The sound quality is very clean and quiet, no hiss or other electronic artifacts.
I have setup a small patchbay in my vehicle that allows me to interface my system with the remote truck.
To be able to get out of the Control Room in the remote truck allows for a real world listen
to what is going on in the truck away from a controlled listening environment of the truck

Needless to say I am very pleased with the results.

Keep up the good work.

Yours truly

Dominick A.


Peripheral Electronics unveils the revolutionary iPod2car Interface. This unique interface allows you to control an iPod directly from the factory radio. The iPod2car interface delivers CD quality sound directly into the factory sound system via the CD changer port and eliminates the use of noisy RF modulators. The factory radio enables track selection and FFWD / RRWD just like using a CD changer. The iPod2car also keeps the batteries in the iPod charged and ready for on the go use.
• Retains Digital Sound Quality
• No FM modulator.
• Controls iPod Just Like A CD Changer from the factory radio buttons
• Includes 12ft Cable
• Keeps iPod Charged And Ready To Go
• Programmable Interface For Maximum Vehicle Coverage
• Retains iPod display and Controls

$125 Shipped with the cable


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Hi Brian,

Ah, the pleasing sounds of the iPod through the car radio…
Thank you, thank you, thank you. Great customer service!

Aaron P. White, Ph.D.
Post-doctoral fellow, Dr. Michael G. Surette Lab
Dept. of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases
University of Calgary, Faculty of Medicine
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No support needed, just wanted to send you guy's a note to let you know how happy I am that I got your product. Before this I had an FM transmitter thing for my iPod. Using the iPod2Car, the sound is incredible - this is how my iPod was supposed to sound. I'm definately recommending this to everyone I know who uses an iPod. Hat's off to you guys!


Sales tax will be collected to adresses in California. Shipping is only to the lower 48 states and is ground ups or usps whichever will be cheaper . Shipping to Canada or other will need to call for rate.

You need to have a radio that is compatible most will have disc up or an up arrow on preset 1 . The RBQ will not have this but is compatible as is the RB1 & RB4.

To order call 925-308-7677 m-f 9-5:30 sat 9-3 pst
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