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I just purchased a 2009 grand caravan SE. One owner, well maintained, 220k km/136k miles on the clock.
When on the freeway I'm mindboggled by the volume in the cabin. It's by far the loudest modern vehicle I've ever ridden in, by a long shot. I've never even noticed it in vehicles before but I can't not notice it in this one. Is this just normal?
It's not engine or transmission noise, it's mostly road noise, and some wind noise. But door seals are all fine.
I had a 2001 grand caravan sport many years ago and never noticed anything.
The front tyres are a cheaper all season tire and getting on in their life, but they're nothing I haven't seen before. The rears are new. I was thinking of swapping the rears to the front?

Is this just normal noise? With grand caravans being as popular as they are I can't see how this is normal.

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