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'99 Ram 1500, 360

No engine codes

Hello, my truck has recently developed this condition where it randomly has a "hiccup" at idle. It is also noticable if you hold the engine at about 1500 rpm. It drives around fine, and replacing my IACV helped it smooth out slightly. It seems like the engine just loses power for a split second or a cylinder misfires causing the cab to shudder slightly. It seems to be entirely random there is no rythem to it at all, probably one to three times per second. On cold start it does little backfire pops out the exhaust when this happens, then often will idle fine as its warming up. Then once warm it starts doing the shudder.
I've replaced map, IAC, plugs and wires, has a newer cap and rotor. Tried unplugging o2 sensors, checked for vacuum leaks as best I can. Unplugged injectors one by one but that makes the engine shudder to the point that I can't tell if the original problem is still there or not. Cleaned the IAC port on the TB. I've heard this can be a failing crank position sensor just intermittently not sending signal? Not sure how to test for that without just throwing a part at it. Having alot of trouble finding any other forum threads or reference to an issue like this.
Any help would be really fantastic, thanks.
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