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In-channel window visors

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Set of 4 in-channel vent visors that fit my 2003 quad cab that are a week old. Dark smoke in color. Not sure of the brand name, I bought them off Ebay from a seller name intrigued. Will need new 3m tape. The reason for I'm selling them is because I don't like the way the windows opened or closed with them in. Asking $30.00 shipped. Email me at [email protected] or PM me.

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$25 shipped
I'll take em

PM'd you
Back to the top. Figured out that they had tape on the wrong side in one spot from the factory that was sticking to the window rather than the window track. I have since bought some Stampede visors that are made in my hometown, so I still don't need these.

$25.00 shipped
If it wasn't for x-mas, I'd be talkin to you.
Free bump!
so they fit properly now?? no other issues once you figured the tape thing out?
The fit they had before was good. They followed the track really well. The front widows seemed to stick when they first came down after being up over night. If you look at the pic where the tape is, on the opposite side of that where the shade meets the mirror the was a piece of tape that went vertically and that was sticking to the window. I have not put them back into the truck since then, but I'm sure that was the problem. That is my honest opinion and I'm not trying to snow anybody over. Besides for $20 shipped I'm darn near giving them away. Any lower than that and I'll keep them. ;)
money waiting if the others fall through!
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