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I am wondering if there is a procedure to test the IAC in my 2004 Ram 1500 SLT 4x4 w/ 5 speed MT. 4.7L V8

How can I tell if the part is working correctly? If I disconnect the connector and start the truck and keep my foot off the accelerator then it stalls within 5 seconds.
Which I assume is correct since I would assume when you shut the truck off the PCM tells the IAC to close to STOP all air into TB to shut off.
Then if I disconnect connector the last position of IAC is closed hence starts but stalls due to no air.

If disconnected and I give it throttle it does run.

Might be an academic question but it is the PCM that controls the IAC? Correct? I assume its based off of readings from the TPS & MAP perhaps?

So if anyone knows of a way to test the IAC to say if its good or bad I would much appreciate it.
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