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Disclaimer!!! Do this at your own risk!! I am not a Professional Installer, though I have been doing this for fun for about twenty years.

I have had some recent interest in doing this and have performed this on three trucks 2 ’05s and 1 ’06. I believe the wire colors are the same, but a simple test will tell you for sure using either a 12 volt test light or a Volt Ohm Meter.

Each DEI 530T window module allows you to control 2 different windows in both directions up & down. Specifically, when the unit is installed with an aftermarket alarm the windows will roll up when the alarm is armed. Then with the remote, you can either crack the windows or roll them all the way down.

The 530T adds one-touch auto up and auto down to your windows even if you don't have an aftermarket alarm. This shows how to make all of your windows one-touch from the driver's side controls. And also one-touch from pass. side control.

There are two wiring harnesses, both 3 feet in length. One is a heavier gauge wire (~14 ga.), the other is a lighter gauge (~18 ga.).

You need to take off the driver's side sill/ kick plate & door panel to gain access to two wires. Taking the panel off is rather easy. Once the panel is off, you need to remove the front half of the plastic. Gently pull back to gain access to the window wires, if the black tar separates dab it back on itself in a fast motion to get it all.

Next, you need to run 4 wires into the door from the inside of the car. Using a flat head screw driver press on all 4 corners of the connector for the wire loom at the body side. It’s fun but you’ll get it, then unplug at least 1 of the wire plugs. At this time you can easily snake a metal coat hanger or something else to pull the wires through. Make sure you start from underneath the dash and avoid tangling the wires on anything.

The 4 wires are:

The brown and white are on the lighter gauge connector, the blue and green on the heavier.

At this point you are only doing the Dri. Window. Get your test light or Volt meter and verify the window switch up & down for this window.

Alright now you should have these wires. (2005 Ram)

UP= Orange/Green

Choose a nice spot in the wire to make a cut, this is also where you splice in the module. Your wires that you feed into the door will need to be routed away from anything that moves. Cut the Orange/Green wire and notice which half goes to the window motor & which goes to the window switch. Motor side gets the Large BLUE wire while the Switch side gets the small BROWN. Now cut the Orange/White wire again noting wire goes where. The Motor side gets the Large GREEN wire while the Switch side gets the small WHITE.
Now tape up your butt connectors real pretty, and button the door up.

For the Pass. Door now is decision time. If you only want the 1 touch feature from the driver’s controls you will need to locate the correct wires in the Dri. Side kick plate.
If you DO want the front Pass. Control to work as 1 touch then you must run 2 sets of 12-14 ga. Speaker wire from new module into the pass. door like you did for the Dri. Side.

The 4 wires on the module side are:

Splice 1 pair of speaker wire to the Small Brown/Black & the Large Blue/Black.
The other pair gets the Small White/Black & the Large Green/Black. Either do this one set at a time or mark which pair is what.
Using your method of verification again, locate the correct wires for the Pass. Side window switch for UP & Down movement. My experiences found these colors.

UP= Orange/Violet

Again find a spot you feel comfortable and cut the Orange/Violet. Notice which half goes to the window motor & which goes to the window switch. Motor side gets the Large BLUE/BLACK wire while the Switch side gets the small BROWN/BLACK. Now cut the Orange/Black wire again noting wire goes where. The Motor side gets the Large GREEN/BLACK wire while the Switch side gets the small WHITE/BLACK. Make sure that the wires are out of the way, tape up your butts etc. And close up this door.

If you are doing your rear windows you will need a second window module for these windows. Locate the correct wires in the Dri. Side kick plate area. Test the wires for UP & Down using the Dri. Main window controls. This will go much faster!!!

Colors are as follow…..

Dri. Rear

Pass. Rear
UP=Orange/Light Blue
Cut and splice the Orange/White one side gets the Large BLUE, the other end splices to the Small BROWN.
Now for the Orange/Brown Cut and splice to the Large GREEN & the Small WHITE.

Orange/Light Blue one side gets the Large BLUE/BLACK, the other end splices to the Small BROWNBLACK.
Now for the Orange/Brown Cut and splice to the Large GREEN/BLACK & the Small WHITE/BLACK.

For the Red power wire, connect it to a constant +12V source. I ran a separate power wire for my alarm, so I just used that. Otherwise, look for a constant +12V source in the fuse box and tap into it there.

Connect the Violet, Violet/Black, and Black wires (all on the heavier gauge harness) to ground. I unbolted the bolt by the parking brake pedal, put a ring terminal on the end of all three wires combined, and grounded everything there.

At this point, all of the wires in the heavy gauge harness should be connected. The only remaining wires should be the Red/White, Orange, and Gray wires in the lighter gauge harness.
If you have an aftermarket alarm or Remote Start you have the option to connect these new window modules to it.

Red/White : (-) Auxiliary input
Connect this to one of the auxiliary outputs of your aftermarket alarm. A single press of the Auxiliary channel button will crack the windows about an inch, press & hold will lower your windows down completely.

Orange: (-) Ground when armed
Connect this to the negative ground when armed output on your aftermarket alarm. This will roll the windows up when you arm your alarm.

Gray: (-) negative output during activation
I didn't connect this with my alarm. It is supposed to be used to disable your shock/motion sensors so the alarm doesn't go off when you remotely roll down the windows.

Sometimes your window will Stop halfway while going up or down using these modules. If you purchased the DEI modules described here you have little toggle switches, like you find in garage door opener remotes. Note the positions of these switches and adjust one at a time, checking to see if the problem is solved.

You can also use Carbine ALA50-PWC3 or AsianWolf has a new one available, not sure on quality, but the price is low and it has a nice temp feature added eBay item # 180041023532. instead of the DEI unit, though I prefer the DEI.

I've compiled this info from notes and memory and believe all to be true, but please take your time and double check everything.

Hope this helps!!
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