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How To Install Replacement Exterior Mirrors

2005 Dodge Dakota

Situation: My 5x7 fixed mirror was broken off while at the mall. I wanted to install the larger 6x9 mirrors that fold in. The 6x9 mirrors are also powered, but my Dakota does not appear to be pre-wired.

Tools Required: Phillips screwdriver, Long, thin standard screwdriver (for manual window crank handle removal), and a 10mm socket + ratchet or equivalent.

Time Required: About 15 minutes per mirror for the do-it-yourselfer.

1) If you have manual crank windows as I do, you need to remove the window crank. There is a small c-type clip that retains the crank on the shaft. I used a long, thin standard screwdriver to push the clip out of its grove in the crank handle. (See photo Window_Crank)

2) Remove 4 phillips screws. There are 2 phillips screws on the bottom of the door panel, 1 screw inside the door handle "cup" and 1 screw behind the door handle that opens the door. (See photo Door_Panel)

3) Lift up on the door panel and pull it outward, gently as to not disconnect other items that may be connected to the panel.

4) The 10mm nuts that hold the mirror (or what's left of the mirror) to the door are now exposed. Use your nut driver or ratched to remove the nuts. If you have electric mirrors you may want to disconnect the plugs before removing the nuts to prevent damage - should the mirror drop off and put tension on the cord. (See photo 3 Mirror_Nuts)

5) Remove the existing mirror and replace it with your new mirror. Don't forget to connect your power cord to the factory harness if you have power windows. There is a nice factory hole in the door to slide the plugs and wires in and out.

6) Reinstall the parts in reverse order. Make sure you start with the door panel up high and catch the bright yellow clip at the top of the mirror nuts. Then lower the door panel down and set it in place.

7) That's it. You are done. (See After_Photo) :rck:



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