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Beware the Underbite!!!
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Ok, i got sick of having trouble seeing very far, and was not in the mood to spend much more money on my truck this month. So I got to thinking and remembered an idea i got off a member here, Hemi Dave, but i added a little to it.



here is a list of supplies
Brasso, 600grit sandpaper, #00, and #0000 steel wool, and terry towels/cloths.

first I took a terry cloth and cleaned it up just a bit, to get the majority of dirt and road grime off. then i got started on the work part of it.

1) I took some 600grit sandpaper and went to town. I sanded it till i used up a quarter of a sheet, it will look like you have just ruined the whole thing, but just keep with the project.

2) Take a quarter sheet of 600 grit and put some brasso on it. start on a corner and work in a circular pattern till the whole thing is covered with brasso, keep it wet so the sandpaper doesn't etch too much more than what you already did. Keep in mind this is a polishing phase now.

3) next wipe the residue off and admire your work:D(just kidding), and take a burr of 00 steel wool, and go to sanding on it. you will see it slowly start to polish more.

4) Put brasso on the steel wool and repeat step 3. do this about 6 times each time using lighter pressure.

5) Move on to the 0000 steel wool, and repeat steps 3 & 4. only do step 4 more times or untill you feel its "good enough for government work."

6) Take a clean terry towel, and wipe off all the excess brasso residue. then take some brasso and polish like you would a belt buckle or some piece of hardware/furniture. repeat this step a few more times and it should be almost as good as new.

here are some pics of the finished product.

here is one with left side done and right not

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