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This is a "how to" on installing an overhead console. Please bare with me, as this is my first "how to". This may need some refining. If you see an error, or would like to see something in more detail, or if I left something out, please let me know.

Parts needed:
1) Overhead console, w/ or without sunglass holder(mine was done with)
2) Overhead console bracket
3) Roof wiring harness(prefered, unless you want to have a go at making one)

Tools needed:
1) Small flathead screwdriver
2) Phillips head screwdriver
3) 10 mm deep socket
4) T-20 torks head socket
5) Flashlight
6) Razor knife
7) a pencil (chalk as recommended by Slammed1 because it won't stain the headliner)

Step 1: Removing the headliner

a) Remove driver and passanger side A pillars. To do so, take your small flathead screwdriver and pop the cicular tabs open gently. Next use your 10 mm socket and remove all 4 bolts from inside the A pillars(2 on each side, 4 total). With a little force pull upwards and out on the handle to remove the A pillars. The drivers side will have a wiring harness behind it that powers all your roof accesories, we will refer to this as the "roof harness". The passengers side has the optional cab light harness, but in most cases it will just be the female end of the plug. As I would imagine, most trucks with the cab lights also have the overhead console factory equiped.

b) Remove sunvisors. Use your T-20 torks socket and remove 6 (3 on each side) torks screws from the pivotal part of the sunvisors. Next pull firmly downward to release them from the roof.

c) Removing misc clips. No tools needed here except a little finness. On the 2 in the front(that hold the sunvisors in) pull gently downward, part of them will slide down. Not too hard or they will break, trust me ;) . On the rears pull outward, the rears may require some serious pulling, as mine for example, were in pretty darn good.

d) Unplug the wiring. Unclip the harness from the drivers side A pillar. There will be a couple snaps to pull out the harness from the body. The 3rd brake light can unplug, as can the dome light, and autodim mirror, and lighted sunvisors, if equiped. Drop the headliner. Now it's ready to come down. Pull gently from the front, middle section and it will disconnect. Next, slide it forward and then it should drop down. Note, on quad cabs some additional side trim may need to be removed. The wiring can now be pulled from the headliner, it's glued, so pull slowly.

Step 2: Cutting the headliner

a) Lay your headliner on a clean flat surface, upside down. You will see that there is an indention on the underside of the headliner that is roughly the size of your console. This will be about as wide as you will need to cut.

b) Center your console bracket on the underside of the headliner and place it in the way it will be when it is mounted, ie, open tabs down. Next trace out the outline of the bracket. Not the very outside edge, try and go inwards a couple inches. It doesn't have to be perfect, as no one will see the exact cuts since the console will cover this all up.

c) Now is a good time to mount your bracket. Because now when you make cuts in the healiner you can check to make sure your in the right spot.

d) The hard part. Cutting the headliner. Take your razor knife and make your first cut. I made about 12 all together. I would make a small cut and put the headliner back in, not attached, but where it needed to be, and made sure everything was lining up ok. Don't be rushed, this is a time consuming task. This part should take you around an hour to complete.

Step 3: Reinstall

a) Once your headliner is cutout and the console fits in you're ready for wiring. Plug in the main harness to the drivers side A pillar, snap in the plastic snaps above it. Plug in the 3rd brake light, and dome light. As well as any other misc acessories you may have.

b) Put the headliner back in place by reversing step 1. Once the healiner is up make sure the harnesses for the map lights, and overhead computer are hanging down.

c) Now install the console by snapping, and screwing it into the bracket. Tada! You now have an overhead console that looks completly factory.


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