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OK I have been seeing a lot of people venturing out to there trucks to debadge. I have seen post from using screwdrivers to guitar piks and some others that I am to scared to even mention. so I will post this again to help out those who want to do this and are scared to.

make sure truck is clean and dry
order yourself one of these astro wheels you only need the pad as they fit in your drill.
now remove the chrome badge with fishing line I used 15lb. saw off chrome badges what is left is the sticky felt
now heres where everyone makes it harder then it has to be..

put the eraser wheel into your drill using the edge of the wheel and at a slow to medium speed go over your felt on your truck you can use high speed but it turns everything into dust. when the wheel is spinning you want to have the felt be pushing out from under the wheel not pulling it under the wheel.
when the felt is off you will have eraser marks on you paint. they come off real easy all I did was use a little laquer thinner on a rag and wiped it right off. i would guess that goof off would do the same then wipe the area down good with water so no chemical residue is still on the paint

now polish the area with whatever wax/polish you use

any ghosting should eventually go away with polishing and sunlight

you prolly can go to a local body shop and get one of the wheels as well as I did and the guy was like here use it and return in to me. I slipped him a couple of bucks and he said just keep it. I watch this guy hold one on a police car that was in till it smoked and it didnt damage the paint! I would not recommend using that much pressure as it is not necassary.

2 words of caution:
1 clean and have the truck dry
2 on the wheel there are marks to not go past DONT there is a metal disk in side of there but you wont have to worry about it if you order a new one as you can do multiple trucks with it no problem. I have done 3 trucks with mine and it was used when the guy gave it to me

I hope this helps you all out


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