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i got some tweeter pods modded up and installed today, i figure some of you would like to know how to make these(all the parts including paint can be had for ~$15 at home depot. they look great, make minimal damage to the a-pillar as opposed to fiberglassing and are adjustable after install.

first, find a pvc end cap that your tweeter fits pretty well into(mine is a 1.5")

next, determine the angle you want the pods to be at in the end and drill a hole into the side at that angle

you will need some "steel nipples" from home depot or lowes that are basically small steel threaded pipes that are hollow in the middle to allow cord(usually lamp cord on a lamp) to pass through. thread it into the hole that you drilled on the side of the end cap

you will also want some paint. i found a textured paint at home depot(rustoleum) that matches the a-pillars pretty well so i went with that.

now take the threaded pipe and thread it into a hole you will need to drill in your a-pillar(i used locking hex nuts on the back to tighten the pod to the pillar)

next test fit your tweeters, if they are slightly too small like mine were, i wrapped duct tape around the tweeters housing to make it fit snugly into the pod

finally, install and enjoy your work! looks very good and very clean, all for about 2 hours and 15 bucks.

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