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How to change the shocks?

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1999 1500 4x4 5.2 stock suspension.

It looks like the front can be changed from the top with the truck on the ground. Is that true? Is it possible to change the rear without lifting the truck? If so, how? I have a floor jack, jack stands, and air tools but I'd like to just crawl under and make the change if possible. I read somewhere that I needed to lift the rear and support the axles so I wondering why it can't be done on the ground.

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You can change all shocks without the truck being in the air.

One bolt at the bottom of the shock which is accessible on the ground from the front. Then remove the top shock bolt at the tower and the three bolts that hold the tower on.

When I reinstalled them I bolted the bottom of the shock in place, then the tower. When I cut the strap I guided the top stud right through the middle of the tower and bolted them into place.

I removed the bottom bolts first, then the top bolts. When I reinstalled them I bolted the top in place, cut the strap and guided them right into place on the bottom side.

Its relatively easy.
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when I did front shocks I had the truck in the air since I was adding a coil spacer but I did the rears with the truck on the ground. Take your spare out before you start on the back.
What is the benefit of adding a coil spacer?
its a 2 inch lift
Read the write up at the top of the page about the Top Gun Customz 2" coil spacer lift. It's got pics on how to uninstall / install both your shocks and a coil spacer.
nice trick above about not cutting the strap until after the bottom bolt and tower is in place. I cut the strap before putting them on, because i wanted to make sure they were the right length when extended. so when you do that they expand, and then there is too much shock pressure on the tower to get it bolted down. solution is to jack up the body a few inches to accomodate the expanded shock. impact wrench is nice to have for this job, as the bottom front and both rear bolts are very tight. be sure and tighten the bottom shock bolts to the 100+ pounds of torque, or else they will rattle.

edit. oh yeah.. the other reason for cutting the strap was to hang them up and paint them black. i don't like bright colored stuff under the truck.
Sorry for the late thank you but I was out town. You have really helped. It looked easy but I wanted to be sure.
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