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Dealership new part only at about $93.00

1. Undo retaining screws at the bottom of the door panel. Lift up on door panel then slowly start pulling outwards to avoid breaking the L plastic hooks on the door side of the panel (they are part of the panel).
2. Disconnect the wiring connectors and set panel to the side.
3. Pull the plastic back only as far as you need to.
4. Reach inside door hole to the open end (opposite end from hinges) of door where latch/lock is located. Flip the plastic clip up on the bar coming from the outside door handle first and turn it to where the bar will easily slide out of retainer clip.
5. Using the appropriate size Allen wrench remove the 3 screws at the open end of the door that holds the latch/lock in place. The assembly will now slide forward toward the hole for you to view.
6. Unsnap the other 2 bars retaining clips and remove them from the assembly. You might have to slide the bars (inside door handle and lock lever) forward to get to the retaining clips on the assembly.
7. Now the assembly is out.
8. Re-install new one in reverse order.
Note: When putting the door panel back on hold it upwards as you press each L hook back into their holes, going down to fast and pushing in will break them off of the backside of the panel.
The whole job takes about 30-35 minutes. When you see the new part it's pretty self explanatory. Hope this helps you all out, good luck.
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