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I finally got around to installing my 2" Truxxx leveling kit,.. FINALLY! This walkthrough should also work with the 2.5" TGC as well. Being a mechanic I will try to describe my best,

You will need,


Sockets-- I chose deep impact
1/2"drive wobble adapter f

1/2 air impact
Pry bar
Ball joint/tie rod puller, I DO NOT recommened using a pickel fork, UNLESS its wide enough, you will cut your boots.

I loosened my wheel nuts first with my 1/2 ratchet wrench first, as I DO NOT use impact tools on my wheel nuts.

Jack up truck and place jackstand under the first side, do not place under lower control arm, but to the side.

Remove tire, place floor jack under lower control arm shock mount.

Item A
17mm top, 18mm bottom, loose off lower torsion nut till its on a couple threads.

Item B Loosen off axle nut till its on a couple threads

Item C Use 13mm wrench and remove bolt holding the brake line mount, pull the steel line gentely through so the nut is on the opposite side.

Undo the clips holding the ABS sensor line

Not shown, remove the tie rod end with aformentioned tool, OR you can use a small 2 jaw puller

Lift up with the jack until the truck wants to lift a tad, Undo the upper ball joint, top 3 strut nuts, and lower strut mount. DO NOT place under lower ball joint, it makes everything unstable when removing the top joint.

NOW push in on the axle till it bottoms on the nut that you backed off, lower the jack, the lower control arm MUST be FREE of ITEM A, as in.. it must not BIND while lowering OR you with have a hard time removing the lower strut from the mount.

Remove strut with pry bar, if need be, and install the spacer ontop of the strut assembly.

NOTE: Strut assembly will go back in 180deg, because the new spacer mounts opposite.

Install strut, place supplied nuts onto the studs and push up on strut and tighten down finger tight for now. Pry lower strut into position and install the lower bolt.

Now, raise the jack, and gently tap the torsion mount, NOW REALLY IMPORTANT. While lifting the lower control arm with the jack, turn the rotor untill you feel the cv axle "pop" back into place into the diff; on both sides of my truck I had to do this, I mention it because it may happen to you aswell, better safe than sorry.

Tighten the strut upper nuts and lower bolt, tighten the torsion mount, then the tie rod end, align the upper ball joint, PUSH down on the upper control arm and start the nut, tighten all hardware.

Tighten centre axle nut, turn rotor to see if all is still free; tighten the brake line bolt. Re-attach the ABS sensor line.

Install wheels, lower truck and torque wheels.

If you think I missed something or you have an questions, let me know and I will try to answer.





Final CV angle

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