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Hello, I'm MrKatz I bought my first dodge a bit ago and would like to share my story to see if anyone can shine some light on any history to my vehicle and some of its issues.

So I found it on an auction website for $1700 supposedly running with 48000 miles. I went down to Waco from north Texas and went to pick the van up after paying and it wasn't quite running. Bad fuel pump, fortunately it just so happens to be a propane van too so the college had never tried the propane and always ran on gasoline so we flipped the switch I got the primer and we got it at least to my grandma's in Waco it wasn't making the trip home the front wheels were trying to lock up from swollen brake hoses and It wouldn't idle on propane also had some backfiring issues in the intake. So next week we came back with a fuel pump and brake hoses and while verifying the fuel pump was the issue let the magic smoke out of the ecm maybe. So another week goes by used ecm installed still no power on the dash, found a burned orange wire, replaced the fuel pump and hoses, and finally at midnight made it home with it. So now the fun starts.

1. No radio, fuse is good, anything in particular to check before pulling out of the dash.

2. Using propane on the highway it drives perfect, on gas though it has the rattle ping under light load and hills. I will replace the plugs and stuff first as the are originals, get most the old gas burned out and check back in. With my backfiring issue for a bit, is there a way to check plenum gaskets and such, carb cleaner and just spray lightly till/if I find a leak? Any other known vacuum leaks to check for?

3. Does anyone recognize or have any info in the system for the propane and what the modules in the picture are for? Obviously part of the dual fuel propane conversion but I can't find a bit of info.

4.when idling on propane and warmed up it lopes really bad and will eventually die from the rpm swing up and down. Probably a vacuum leak but anyone with a propane vehicle had a similar issue? I'd imagine vacuum but I can't find any leaks in at least lines.

5. Just anything to note about the b350 in general?

Thanks and I hope to be of help when I can.

I will get the model from the propane parts and better engine pictures tomorrow.


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