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Hemi Vs. Si

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Tonight on my way home from work, I came upon a Civic Si hatchback (about the same year as my truck; 2003-ish). It's one of the previous generation Si's that look like mini-minivans. It was black, lowered, rims, loud exhaust, gauges, tint, etc. It had a bit of work done to it.

I pulled up next to him and I was going about 65 or so when he downshifted and took off. I punched it and by this time he was almost a car length ahead of me. I slowly reeled him in until I was about a truck length in front of him and we both hit the brakes. We were probably going about 110 by this point. After we slowed down, he had to get behind me because of a car coming up. As soon as he had room, he pulled a classic ricer fly-by and took off. In classic street race fashion, I hit the hazards just to rub it in. I normally hate it when kids do that shit, but I figured it was a good way to put "you got spanked" into terms he would better understand.

I have to admit that it put up quite a bigger fight than I expected it to, but my bigass (almost stock) truck prevailed in the end. I felt good about beating him, but I also felt stupid for going so fast on a public highway. I think that was the first real highway race in my truck and it'll probably be my last for a while. The risks just aren't worth it. I guess I'm finally growing up a bit.
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It may not be worth it, but it is fun!
Nice i out run a older body SI on the interstate a few weeks ago but i think he was stock.
I had a '00 Si with a cold air intake, 4-2-1 ceramic header, drag exhaust, heavy duty ACT clutch, 12 lb flywheel, denso iridium plugs and all fluids were changed to royal purple. It did really good on light to light runs, but when you hit about 100 it doesn't pull as hard unless you have a turbo or supercharger. I use to out run mustangs all night, but the V8 would overpower me on the open road. I could never touch a camaro or T/A, but I had fun trying. I just wanted to see how well I did next to one. Anyway, you have to watch out for the rice burners on quick runs, the power to weight is in their favor. I use to race a friend of my brothers R/T Dakota and out run him all the time. But after the '00 model I think the SI went to S#%@. I can't get over the hatchback that looks like a Ford Focus. That’s my .02.
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cskit1500 said:
Nice i out run a older body SI on the interstate a few weeks ago but i think he was stock.
well he must have been (no offense) because the V6 rams would put up much of a fight to a modded Civic Si. The thing is that with the older Si, they respond really well to any kind of mods so yeah....he would have taken you.

In response to the main post, good kill. We've all been there so it doesnt really matter. It's always fun to go rice hunting. :D
Good Kill Bro!

---------> Im gonna move this to Street/Strip with the rest of the kills!
the brand brand new SI are pretty quick not fast but quick 160 hp not sure on torque and knowing honda no way it wieghs more then 2400 lbs! there pretty quick my old 1st gen neon beat one by like 5 cars but i had spray and all he had was a cai and a header... i had quite a bit more then him + n2o!
Good Kill!! I had a run one day with one of those also. But I was in my Neon. And I didn't let off of it at 110 mph. I pulled on him from a 55 roll to 120+ where I let off.
I couldn't put a whole lot of ground between us until I pulled out of a turn at over 110 mph, (love my koni's) the Civic didn't want none of that.
I pulled over hopeing that the kid would stop and chat a min but he just waved, honked and flew on by. Atleast he wasn't a sore looser. LMAO he musta thought I was stock and that he's rape me like every other Neon he raced. LOL Little did he know I already beat them too.......LOL Good kill man. You should'nt feel too bad for doing 110 if you do, just think how stupid I must be to have been 140 in my Neon B4. LOL
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