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So i been have a really tough time having my truck get a proper alignment and for it to drive down the road without having to shimmy the steering wheel left and right to keep it riding straight

its a 2006 dodge ram 2500 lifted 6 inches on brand new 37 toyo open county rt tires
has a synergy hd steering kit
redhead hd gear box
gearbox brace
sway bar
carli adjustable track bar with drop bracket
dropped carli pitman arm
new spicer joints
new xrf ball joints
rc dual steering stabilizer
borgeson steering shaft

truck didn't drive as squirrely until i had a mopar steeringdrag linkage left tie rod bolt fall off while i was driving and damaged it so i decided to upgrade too a synergy hd system
so after i installed not a single place wanted to do an alignment on my rig finally found a place and after their alignment my truck has never been so hard too keep on the road they said to install adjustable ball joints and it should fix the problem

what is everyones thoughts
witch adjustable ball joints should i get
can't seem to find anyone that can help

i believe the xrf ball joints are knurled too anyone confirm?
the alignment shop note is attached and the alignment specs they did


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