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help pleezze

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got a 2000 ram 1500 5.9 4x4 ok misfires galore, last time it ended up being fuel rails but since it's been about 15000 miles since then what could it be now? my ck engine light comes on and when I drive at 45mph it shakes and flashes. Also does anyone have a tech manual for that year and engine in a pdf form? thanks everyone and from what I've read, it could be the cat. converter...hmmmm wish I hadn't cut that money tree thanks
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I'd start by pulling the codes. If you are near an Autozone or Advance Auto Parts they will read the codes for free. Once you have the codes you can use the "search" feature on this board to find common fixes for the codes. Or, you could just list the codes and people will help with solutions. Good Luck and get back to us soon.
There is some good reading HERE

Scroll down until you see the section labelled: "Spark Knock, engine miss, hesitation, rough idle, surge, delayed shifting, etc"

It covers just about all of the common issues seen with the V8 Magnums.

As BeachCrawler said, have the codes checked and let us know - we'll be glad to do what we can.

And Welcome to DodgeTalk :rck:
Also, here is a free copy of the factory service manual for the 2001.
ok guys it p301 p306 etc all misfires what do I do? tomorrow i'm changing out the plugs and wires. rotor cap etc. am I crazy but am I going to have to get a pro for this?
when my truck was cracking out those codes it was the spark plug wire's one of them was all most burned off the boot i would just do a full tune up first.. just my $0.02
That'll probably solve your issue, be sure to follow the wire routing TSB:

Be sure to unhook the battery before you begin to clear the codes. If that doesn't work, unhook the battery again and turn the key to START for about 30 seconds - that will clear 'em.
Plugs and wires worked... i am soooooooooo happy :rck: :gr_patrio
thats good man i told you that was it.
Glad you got it worked out - hope you hang around. There's a lot of great info and great people here :D
I love a happy ending.
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