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OK, so I decided to switch my honeycomb grille inserts for the chrome bars that come on the sport models. I couldn't find any readily available information on how to remove them, so I'm posting it now. I did get help from a few folks here on DT, and greatly appreciate it. For all of you looking to make this (or any other insert) swap, I hope this thread saves you some looking.

First off, this is a very easy mod. Second, my pics are of one side of the grille/insert. So if you see 3 marks, than there are 3 more just like it on the other half of the grille. OK here we go...

Now, first you need to (or rather should) take the entire grille shell off the truck. There are 12 screws holding it on. There are 6 along the bottom (circled in yellow in my pics). These screws, screw into the shell, through the grille frame (the metal tube around the grille). The last 6 are along the top (circled in red in my pics). These screws are part of the shell itself, so you will be removing the nut from them.
Once the screws are removed, the only thing holding the grille shell on is an adhesive weather strip where the hood, and grille meet. I used my pocket knife to gently trim through this strip. I've heard suggestions of using putty knives, or whatever you are most comfortable with. Just keep in mind not to pull too hard on the grille, because it is only plastic. If you cut through the adhesive strip (like I did), the grille will easily pull away from the hood.
Now take your grille to a place with a soft clean surface (carpet, blankets, whatever). Lay the grill face down and remove the fasteners. The fasteners, are simple push pins (circled in blue in my pics). It is a pin that expands when a smaller pin is pressed through the center of it. Get a small nail (preferably with the point ground off), and put it on the center of the pin. You can see the smaller pin very easy. Now gently tap the center pin through the fastener. Once out, the press pin will pull out of the hole. After all the press pins (11 per side) are removed, the insert can be swapped out. Place the new insert on the grille, and reuse your old pins. Then screw the grille back onto the truck.
That should do it, but if anyone else here has any suggestions, please post them. Good luck all.


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