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Hello my car friends!

KAZOOM's Miatas & More V presented by Hayes Mazda is less than 2 weeks away! Everything is coming together wonderfully and before we know it we'll be talkin' cars, eatin' food and enjoying the Gilmore Classic Car Museum, one of the best auto museums in the country.

While KAZOOM is putting this show on, remember, it's Miatas & MORE...ANY car of interest is welcome to show. We've had RX-3's, classic Corvettes, Minis, Fieros, trucks & even the Hurst Olds Club has been part of the day. Hell, I've shown my '97 Ram SS/T here! If you know anyone with a fun & unique car, send them to KAZOOM dawt org to share the day with us.

This year, you have the opportunity to pre-register and pre-pay online, making things VERY easy. In fact, the deadline to pre-register has been extended another week so you have until next weekend to save $5. Just click to KAZOOM dawt org and follow the links to make it happen.

See you on May 21st!

John Hammer

Minister of Propaganda
Kalamazoo Area Zealous Owners Of Miatas
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