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I found this on another site that may help you although it wouldn't explain the issue with the driver's side.

If you’re experiencing no heat on the passenger side, you may have to replace the blend air door shaft with an updated part.
1) Disconnect the battery
2) Remove the sound deadening pad from under the driver’s side end of the instrument panel.
3) Remove the driver’s side knee bolster
4) Remove 3 screws that hold the heater core shield to the left end of the HVAC housing.
5) Pull the shield towards the rear so you can disengage the two location tabs that position the front of the shield to the lower formation of the housing near the dash.
6) Remove the shield from the housing
7) Remove 2 screws that hold the passenger blend door actuator to the housing
8) Remove the blend door air shaft and plastic stop attached to the shaft. Note the position of the plastic stop. It must go back in the same position.
9) Install the new blend door shaft and into the housing.
10) Reinsert the plastic stop in the same position as it was removed.
11) Replace the blend door actuator.
12) Replace the 2 screws that hold the actuator
13) Replace the heater core shield
14) Reinstall all the other removed components in reverse order
15) Perform the heater-AC calibration procedure.
a. Turn ignition switch to ON
b. Press and hold the Power and Recirc button on the heater A/C control for at least 5 seconds. The LEDs on delay and recirc will begin to flash noting that calibration has begun.
c. Calibration takes less than 3 minutes. When the LEDs stop flashing, calibration is finished.
d. If the LEDs continue to flash, a trouble code has been set and must be read by a scan tool.
The new blend air door shaft is part #04885511AA
If you need more detailed instructions or diagrams see Chrysler Technical Service Bulletin #24-006-01.
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