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gettin nightrunner 20's tomorrow!

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i am finally gettin the nightrunner black chrome 20's for my D tomorrow. i will get pics when it does't rain anymore, probably thursday. i am keeping my 275/45/20's to keep it lower profile and since the D is lowered too.(also for the speedo thing too) :rck:
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Very cool. You'll be the first D owner to have these. Personally I'm holding out for the 07 D's 20's or perhaps just the regular chromed SRT-10 20's.

Both really make the Durango look sharp.
i just got them installed. they look sweeeeeeet!!!! i will post pics tomorrow after work. it gave it a great look with the graphite paint. they make a big difference with a lower profile tire.
sounds good, can't wait to see 'em.
Oooh, can't wait for pics!
ohh where ohh where... are the pics, I am interested to see the black chrome
ok, here they are, i hope you like them. i'm not the best photo taker. :cool:


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damn that looks bad a$$
Dayum! That looks tight! Okay so now cough up the details...prices? :cool:
those are sweet! They match your d perfect.
Very nice. Look perfect on the truck.
it cost me a whole $56. 1/2 the cost in swapping wheels only and the mounting cost with a buddy.
WTF??!! tell me more...sooo you have a buddy w/ a NightRunner who was willing to switch??!!
yup. he wanted black wheels and i wanted his. worked out pretty good for me.
man that looks schweet :rck: like already mentioned, it matches perfectly.
Looks great, congrats. On the of the pics looks like you have the detour sign inside your cab.
Question... are those alloys rims completely painted? or is it like the chrome covers but with a different color?
it's a tinted chrome clad wheel. pretty easy to clean. no paint at all.
It does look nice. Actually though, I did mine back in May. So I don't think you were the first. I probably wasn't either. I got my wheels from a guy who had a night runner and upgraded to 22s. I also did the 275/45s


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looks friggin sweet man. gives it a real different look. much more "musclecar" looking
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