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I just bought a 2007 Ram 1500 2x4 with the Getrag 238 transmission. The truck runs and shifts well but there is a lot of slop in the shifter. I opened up the shift tower to find that the shift stub bushing was missing and as a result the tip of the shift stub is wearing out. See attached pic. Thankfully the selector cup on the top of the transmission is still in good shape - most of the wear is on the shift stub itself.

I'd love to find a replacement shift stub or tower but these are not longer made and used parts seem very hard to come by. Anybody know where I can source a shift stub or tower? I wonder if a shift tower for the 5-speed NV3500 might actually bolt on and work. Core-shifters makes a short throw replacement tower for the Getrag 238 but they are out of stock at the moment. I did however buy a new bushing from them.

If I cannot find a replacement part, I'm considering fixing the existing part. I'm weighing two possible paths. One path is to cut off the worn tip and have a replacement tip made at a machine shop. The part would either thread into the base of the shift stub or simply slide in, drill a through hole and lock it with a pin. The second path would be to build the original tip back up to size using some JP weld steel stick putty. I think this could work but have some concerns that it might break apart over time. Thoughts and feedback appreciated!


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