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I just inherited my husband's 1996 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 in excellent
condition. Runs so smooth you can't feel a thing. Very impressive.
Only had it a few months and driven it just to help with moving.
So not very often. Recently I've noticed the fuel gauge going from 1/2 tank to below empty. Radically goes between the two. I knew it wasn't that low as I'd filled it, but wanted to make sure so filled it again. It's showing it as full now and seems to be decreasing accurately. I'm guessing it w/most likely start acting up the lower the gas gets. Not sure. As I was pulling up to my storage unit the other evening, it just died. I wasn't even sure it had at first, it was so smooth, until the power steering was gone. I was stunned. As I said, it's been running so great. It died on me making a turn onto my street, leaving me hanging out in the main traffic. It died again pulling into my driveway. It only died when I backed off on the accelerator. It started right back up each time, but I'm not going to risk driving it until it is fixed. I have no clue what is wrong. I felt that if I kept the accelerator going strong it wouldn't die. So I had my foot on both the gas pedal and the brake when I was bringing it into the uphill driveway. It died just where I intended it to when I let up on the pedals. My friend thinks it may be the gasoline sending unit. Anyone know what this might be? I'd sure appreciate your input. Thanks! JAN
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