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The DodgeTalk Dyno Database is here!

In conjunction with our TimeSlip Database, we are pleased to release another addition to our Garage area, the Dyno Database.

You can now list various dyno results you have had, including the ability to upload an image of your graphs.

It works very similar to the TimeSlip Database. When you upload a vehicle to the Garage area, you can then click on the "Add new Dyno Entry" link. That will take you to the entry screen for you to enter in your data.

Once that is complete, you will also see the entries in your profile as well as receive a new "Dyno" button in your posts.

Other Garage Enhancements:

- Added the count of votes that other members have made to you vehicle
- Added the "Most # of Votes" to the main Garage statistics page.
- Expanded the Model year to cover all Dodge and Mopar vehicles
- Expanded the vehicles to cover everything we can think of
- Email notification when another member comments on your vehicle
- Backend upgrades to fix a couple of errors and improve performance

We have other features and enhancements that are currently being worked on that will greatly improve the user interface and allow our members to easily get to just the statistics, vehicles and years they are looking for. This will include an overhaul of both the search and browse features for the Garage in general as well as the Timslip and Dyno database browse features.

We are current slated to complete them within the next couple of weeks, along with quite of few other site enhancements that I'm sure you will enjoy!

Stay tuned to the General News and Announcements forum for the latest!

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