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The Truck package was called: True Spirit

Production numbers: LESS than 200

Chassis Equipment: GH3 / D-100 Required

Auto Transmission: Optional FA0 A-727

Manual Transmission: Standard

Adventurer Package: N/A

Delete Moldings: ME0 Required

Power Steering: Optional

AM/FM/MX Stereo Radio: Optional

Convenience Package: Optional

Oil Pressure Gauge: Optional

Quad Head Lamps: N/A

Air Conditioning: HA1 Optional

Heavy Duty Front Springs: Optional

Tinted Glass: GL2 Optional

Bucket Seats: KB5 Optional

Red Interior: N/A

Black Interior: KT1 Standard

Bright Front bumper: MD2 Required

Bright Rear bumper: MD3 Required

GVW Package: Optional

Engine Package: 318 OR 225

Steering Wheel: LF4 Tuff Wheel

Western Wheels: Optional

Wheel size: 15" x 7"

source: WPC Museum
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