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Full Ram Nos Kit for Sale

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NOS System
Super Power Shot Kit

Full System - $350

• 10lb N20 Bottle with brackets
• 10ft steel braided hose with solenoid adapter
• Full Wiring setup includes wire brackets and switches
• Power Shot Fuel Solenoid - up to 500 shot ability (Heavy Duty)
• Power Shot NOS Solenoid - up to 500 shot ability (Heavy Duty)
• WOT Switch for carbed cars

Fogger Nozzle - $30

- does not include jets ($8 at Discount Auto Stores)

Steel Braided Hose - $80

(1) 1ft -4n steel braided brake hose w/ adapter - $20
(3) 1ft -3n steel braided brake hose w/ adapter - $20x3

Plastic Hose Covering - $5

- this is a means to hide your N20 system from competition (optional)

This kit is brand new, never installed and never used. The bottle has never seen a fill either.

Compare this kit to a full Zex, NX or Holley NOS system setup at over $500.

This kit also includes a custom fabricated engine mounting bracket with screws for the solenoids.

Total Price: $460.00

This kit was designed for a RAM specifically. If you have any questions, PM me. I am selling because I just got a ticket for going 120 in a 65 zone, and I need all the cash I can get my hands on.
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dayum.... not crapping... but where were you when u got the ticket so i know to stay my ass away from there..... sheeesh.......

Bump anyway for the Hometeam on the sale
95 right before Oakland Blvd. Just dont go that fast. Easy. I learned my lesson.
damn if this was just a week and a half away i would buy it from u
So is it $350 for everything listed?
Is it okay to run this system w/o any internal work?
How easy is the install?
I'm up here in PBG, and I know how those FHP's can be on 95....GL on the sale.
if you dont get rid of it by monday ill take it sorry i get paid friday and it wont clear till monday, damn gay banks
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