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Fuel leak above pump module

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I have a 2001 1500 w/ 5.2 liter gas engine. It seems that there is a leaking rubber cap on a nipple projecting from the fuel pump module. Based on what I see in the Haynes manual I suspect this is where an auxiliary fuel tank's line would connect if the truck had one. Any suggestions on a replacement part number or a hack to replace that little rubber cap? I bought this truck used after it had been used by a city's meter reading crew. It's beat but has made a surprisingly useful and non-trouble farm/construction truck. I'd hate for it to burst into flames sometime.
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Thanks for the rapid link to the parts manual. I'm certain it will come in handy. If I am looking in the right places (014-500 and 014-300) the projection on the fuel pump module is evident but there is no cap illustrated or identified.
I guess , with no other suggestions, I'm going to try hack with a bottle cap stuffed with gas resistant sealer pushed on top of the projection/nipple
In case anyone finds this thread when experiencing the same problem: My hack seems to be working. Not smelling gas when I shut the truck off now. I poured some denatured alcohol on the nipple to sorta clean it. Then I filled a blue wire-nut with Permatex 85420 and pushed it on there. Allowed it to dry 3 days before starting the truck. Now if I could just replace my dashboard with magic....
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