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I searched and found lots of posts on the 1st Gen forums, but not much on the 2nd Gen. My fuel gauge has been dropping to empty lately at random times. It drops to empty and the light and chime come on. After anywhere from 2 to 10 seconds it goes back up and the light goes off. It will do it three or for times in a row one day and then no problems for a week or so. My first instinct to pump the brake a bit (to "slosh" the fuel in the tank) doesn't seem to have any effect.

I really don't want to drop the tank (or lift the bed as some have suggested). Is there anything I can check to rule out an external problem before going into the tank to replace the pump assembly and sending unit?
1997 Dak, 2WD, V6, Extended Cab, ~120k miles.
History of components replaced so far (unrelated to this problem):
IAC valve
PCV valve and breather element
Water Pump
O2 Sensors
Brake Rotors
Catalytic Converter (under recall)
Fuel and brake line reroute (under recall)
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